Terms of service

ANNONE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), which operates and maintains the channel management system "arangee" (including apps and websites, hereinafter referred to as "this site"), has a service agreement (Hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") shall be defined as follows. This agreement establishes the conditions regarding the use of this service (defined in Article 1 paragraph 1) provided by our company between the user (specified in Article 1 paragraph 5) and our company.

1. Definition

In this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless otherwise defined and unless the context requires otherwise.

  1. This service
    A general term for various services and related services that are operated and managed by our company in accordance with this agreement and provided to users on this site

  2. This content
    Generic term for sentences, videos, images, photos, illustrations, and other information that can be accessed through this service

  3. Post content
    This content that the user himself has posted, transmitted, uploaded to this service and saved on the server managed by our company.

  4. Public contribution content
    In this service, posted content that can be viewed or accessed by other users in general.

  5. User
    All users who use this site regardless of whether or not they have registered member information (defined in paragraph 8 of this article) and account information (if the user is a corporation, officers of that corporation who use this site (Including employees)

  6. Member
    Of the users, those who register various information according to the registration screen established by our company and use this service

  7. Opponent
    Other members who are the counterparts of the schedule adjustment and online meetings through this service

  8. Member information
    Information about a member that can identify a specific member by the date of birth or other description contained in the information. In addition, information obtained by the activities of members on this site

  9. Individual terms
    Regarding this service, in addition to this agreement, this service posted by our company under the names such as (but not limited to) "privacy policy", "rules", "guidelines", "policy", and "help". The rules for

2. About terms of service

  1. This service is operated and managed by our company in accordance with these Terms and Individual Terms and is provided to users.

    By using this service, the user is deemed to have accepted this agreement and individual agreement, and this agreement and individual agreement shall be applied to all relationships when using this service. If the user is a corporation, the officers/employees, etc. of the corporation who use the service shall comply with this agreement and individual agreements.

  2. Our company reserves the right to change this agreement and individual agreement at any time. The changed Terms and Conditions and the Individual Terms shall take effect from the time they are posted in the appropriate place within this service defined by our company, and the user shall use this services after the Terms and the Individual Terms are changed. By continuing, you will be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms and Conditions and Individual Terms. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to users or third parties due to changes in these Terms and individual Terms.

  3. If the provisions of this agreement differ from the provisions of the individual agreement, the provisions of the relevant individual agreement shall take precedence.

  4. These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.

3. Conditions for providing this service, user responsibilities, etc.

  1. The user shall pay at his own expense and responsibility for the computer, smartphone and other communication devices, software, communication lines and other communication environments necessary for using this service, and all other devices required in connection with these. Prepare and keep this service available. In addition, at its own expense and responsibility, the user shall connect to the Internet via a telecommunication service or telecommunication line arbitrarily selected by the user. We do not guarantee that this service will be compatible with all devices, etc., we will not be involved in the preparation, installation, operation of devices etc. and will not support users.
  2. Users shall maintain security such as prevention of computer virus infection, unauthorized access and information leakage according to their own usage environment by referring to the information provided by relevant government agencies.
  3. Users understand that when using this service, they may go through various networks, and depending on the connected network or equipment, in order to connect to them or pass them, We understand that the contents of data, signals, etc. may be changed before using this service, and we assume no responsibility for such changes.
  4. Input, withdrawal, and other procedures for this service performed by the user through the Internet line will be effective when the data related to the procedure is transmitted to our server and the content of the procedure is reflected in our system. I shall.
  5. This service is a platform to support setting up and conducting online meetings. If the user cannot respond to the adjustment result of the schedule through this system, he/she will contact the other party immediately and change the schedule, etc., so as not to inconvenience other users in connection with the use of this service. Shall be done. If the user does not appear at the date and time when the schedule is adjusted through this service, etc., and if it causes trouble to the other party, it shall be resolved at his own expense and expense.
  6. Users can publish their own calendar (including external services) on this service. In that case, the user agrees that the calendar information will be disclosed to the other party and used for adjusting the schedule. The calendar information corresponds to the publicly posted content specified in this agreement and shall be handled in accordance with this agreement. In addition, the calendar information together with the member information, etc. shall be handled as the acquired information specified in our privacy policy.
  7. Schedule adjustments, online meetings, etc. performed through this service are performed between users, and we are not a party. The Company shall not be liable for the availability of schedule adjustments and online meetings through this service, and as a result, the actions of users related to this service.
  8. In connection with this service, between the users or between the user and a third party, courts, disputes, complaints, claims, and all other troubles (including troubles that occur under the premise of using this service in the future. If any) occurs, the user shall resolve it at their own expense and responsibility and our company shall not be liable. The user shall jointly compensate for all expenses and compensation, including attorney's fees, which were incurred by our company for these measures.
  9. In the event of a dispute between our company and the User, the User shall jointly bear all costs incurred by our company, including legal fees, in connection with the dispute.

4. Member registration and member information

  1. Be sure to register yourself as a member. Also, when registering for membership, be sure to enter accurate information.
  2. Members and those who are going to register as members (hereinafter collectively referred to as "members, etc.") cannot register multiple members.
  3. The Company may not approve the application for membership registration in any of the following cases.
    • If you do not meet the membership requirements of Article 3 Paragraph 5 and this Article Paragraph 2
    • If you have been suspended by our company due to a violation of this agreement or a violation of individual agreement in the past
    • When the registered information contains inaccurate information or false information
    • When we judge that there is a possibility that the operation or service provision of our company or the use of other users will be disturbed or hindered.
    • Gangsters, gangsters, persons who have not been gangsters for more than five years, gangster associate members, gangster-related companies, general assembly stores, social movements, etc., or other special intelligence violence groups, etc. These are referred to as "gangsters, etc."), correspond to persons designated by the Japanese government or foreign government as economic sanctions such as terrorists, or have a certain relationship with gangsters (such as gangsters) It is recognized that they are involved in providing funds or providing convenience to them, it is recognized that they are illegally using gangsters, or when the user is a corporation, gangsters, etc. Is recognized to be in control of the business or to be substantially involved in the management of the corporation, and to have other relationships to be criticized socially with gangsters, etc. (hereinafter, All of the above are collectively referred to as "anti-social forces.")
    • When we judge that our company is inappropriate
  4. The members, etc. do not fall under any of the antisocial forces, etc., and do not fall into the future, and violate the demands for action and legal liability by using themselves or a third party. Unreasonable demanding acts, acts that use threatening behavior or violence regarding transactions, disseminate rumor, use counterfeit measures or use power to damage the trust of our company or interfere with our business, etc. We assure you that you will not do the same.
  5. If there is any change in the registered content, the member etc. must change it immediately and is responsible for managing and correcting the registered content so that accurate information of the member himself is always registered. If the registration contents are changed but not changed, we can treat the registration contents as unchanged. Even if the change is notified, transactions and various procedures performed before the change registration may still depend on the information before the change.
  6. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the Member's registration or modification of the registered contents, or our company's failure to approve the Membership registration.
  7. Members are responsible for managing the member information such as the entered email address and password. Members cannot use the member information to third parties, transfer, trade, pledge, lend, rent, or dispose of it in any other form.
  8. Members shall be liable for damages due to information leakage due to insufficient management of member information, error in use, use by third parties, unauthorized access, etc., and we shall not be liable at all. In addition, if our company suffers damage due to unauthorized use of member information, the Member shall compensate the damage.
  9. If member information is leaked to a third party, or if there is a possibility that it will be leaked, we will promptly contact us. At that time, we will follow the instructions of our company.
  10. Members can contact us if they wish to withdraw from the membership, and can withdraw from membership if their judgment allows us. At the discretion of our company, our company may require the Member to complete the necessary procedures before withdrawing from the Member, and may take measures such as making the points held by the Member free. I will. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from such measures.

5. Cancellation of membership registration, etc.

  1. If our company falls under any of the following items, or if our company determines that there is a possibility that it may fall under any of the following items, our company will cancel the membership registration without prior notice and consent of the Member, We may refuse access to some parts, stop using it, delete all or part of the contents and information related to members, and take other measures that our company determines as appropriate. We have no obligation to explain why. In addition, in order to confirm that the member does not fall under any of the following items, our company can perform identity verification as deemed necessary by our company, and all or part of this service until confirmation is completed. You can take measures such as denying access to or suspending use.
    • Violation of laws, this agreement or individual agreement
    • When there is cheating
    • When we judge that the registered information is false information
    • If you do not contact us or the procedures required by this agreement or individual agreements
    • When the registered information duplicates the existing registration
    • When it is found that the registered mobile phone number or email address has been lost
    • When a member falls into debt overcapacity, powerlessness, payment suspension or insolvency
    • When unfairly disturbing other members, third parties or our company
    • When it is found that there is an illegal or improper or other problem with the registered financial institution's account as pointed out by the financial institution
    • If any of the items in Article 4, Paragraph 3 is applicable
    • Members themselves or third parties, violent demands, unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility, acts of threatening behavior or violence, disseminate reputation, use false counters or exert power If you use it to damage credit or interfere with your business
    • If we determine that the company is not suitable for membership
  2. Our company shall be able to prohibit the use and access to the services provided by our company in the future for members who have undergone the measures in this section.
  3. Our company reserves and invalidates payment at the discretion of our company, such as when it is suspected that the money, points, etc. to be paid to the member at the time of the measures of this Article are involved in illegal acts, etc. May take any measures it deems appropriate.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the measures in this Article.

6. Disclaimer

  1. We provide stable service of this service such as information, function, completeness, usefulness, safety, accuracy, applicability, reliability, usefulness, quality, level of service provided by this service, this service We do not guarantee the results of the use of the. Please use all within the scope of your own responsibility.
  2. For all expressions, acts, etc. related to the provision of this service, the content posted on this site or related to this service, advice and information provision, advertisements, links such as URLs and information obtained from link destinations, etc. Makes no warranty. In addition, we shall not be liable for any damages, troubles, disadvantages or damages to users or third parties, and we will not compensate or be involved in any way.
  3. The stability and reliability of the environment for using this site, such as the status of provision of this service, server suspension, inaccessibility to this site, devices, communication lines, etc. used by users in connection with this service We do not guarantee that the contents such as software and the contents related to this service do not include harmful items such as computer viruses. If any damages occur to the user or a third party due to these, we shall not be liable for any damages and we will not compensate for the damages.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user or a third party in connection with the use of this service by the user or a third party, and will not compensate the damage.

7. Delete and edit posted content

  1. We reserve the right to delete, edit and reconstruct posted content without prior notice to the user, and the user shall not make any objection to them. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the user or a third party by the deletion or editing of our company.
  2. We have no obligation to backup the posted content. If you need to back up the posted content, you will do so at your own expense and responsibility.
  3. For infringement of this content or rights falling under the prohibited items of Article 9 of this agreement, please inform us from the inquiry form.

8. About change, suspension, stop of this service

  1. The Company shall be able to change, suspend or cancel all or part of this service without prior notice if the following applies, or if our company determines that it is necessary, and the user I agree.
    • (1)Periodic maintenance and update of systems such as this site and network, and in case of emergency
    • (2)When it is difficult to provide services due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, war, labor dispute, etc.
    • (3)When it is difficult to provide services due to law or measures based on it
    • (4)In addition, if our company determines that it is necessary to change, stop or cancel the service for any reason
  2. In the preceding paragraph, our company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage to the user or a third party.

9. Prohibited matter

The user must not perform the following actions when using this service.

  1. Acts that do not comply with the local laws, regulations, and other regulations that apply to this service.
  2. Acts that violate public order and morals, acts that promote criminal acts, or acts of colluding with antisocial forces
  3. Slander or defamation against other users or third parties
  4. Acts that infringe on the privacy or portrait rights of other users or third parties
  5. Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark right, design right, patent right, etc.) or other rights of our company, other users or a third party
  6. Acts of soliciting organizations, services, activities, etc. not related to this service
  7. Impersonating someone other than yourself or posting with different handle names
  8. Posting contents or using this service for purposes/formats other than those recognized by us, such as advertising purposes, commercial purposes, commercial purposes, etc.
  9. Intentional multiple postings of the same content, posting content that is not related to the purpose of this service
  10. The act of registering, posting, and disclosing false information
  11. Unauthorized acquisition and use of points
  12. Acts that cause nuisance/disadvantage, mental/economic or other damage to other users or third parties (such as not appearing on the date and time when the schedule is adjusted through this service)
  13. Secondary use by modifying or using all or part of this service
  14. Acts that interfere with the operation of this service or damage the credibility of this service
  15. Acts that violate this agreement and the individual agreement separately established in this service
  16. Improper conduct in light of the spirit of this agreement or individual agreement
  17. Acts that adversely affect the physical and mental health of young people
  18. Acts that violate public order and morals
  19. Actions that other users may not be able to understand or may lead to misunderstanding or confusion
  20. Violate the privacy of other users, defamation, or cause mental damage
  21. Use of personal information of other users (any contact information including real name, address, e-mail address and telephone number) other than our prescribed procedure.
  22. To cause financial damage to us or other users
  23. Acts that make people aware of or discriminate against ethnic and racial discrimination
  24. Acts that our company judges to be unacceptable from an ethical perspective
  25. Use all or part of all services, contents, information, systems, functions, programs, etc. provided by us, including this content, for commercial purposes without our prior written permission.
  26. All activities related to solicitation activities and election campaigns
  27. Acts that adversely affect the functions of computer devices, communication lines, software, etc., such as sending computer viruses
  28. To have an adverse effect on the server or network connected to the services provided by our company
  29. Unauthorized access to any system with which we provide services.
  30. Acts that use security holes, errors, or bugs in the system or software related to our website
  31. Acts of deciphering systems, software, protocols, etc. related to our website by methods such as reverse engineering and disassembly, acts of falsifying and modifying them, and acts of duplicating and secondary using them.
  32. Other acts that our company deems inappropriate

10. Usage fee

  1. The user shall pay the usage fee separately determined by our company.
  2. You can only pay by credit card or by a method specified by us. In addition, regarding the use of this service, we will not issue receipts etc. to users.
  3. If the user is unable to use this service due to improper registration of the user or other reasons, for any other reason, our company will not refund any money received from the user.
  4. We may revise the usage fee for this service based on social circumstances, changes in economic conditions, technical requirements for providing services, and other circumstances.
  5. If the user does not pay the payment obligation by the due date, our company may request the user for late damages at an annual rate of 14.6%.

11. Compensation for damages

  1. The user may damage our company, other users or a third party due to or in connection with the posted content sent by the user, the use of this service and any acts performed using this service. In the case of giving it (including the case where the user does not fulfill the obligations under this agreement or individual contracts or violates them, our company or a third party suffers damage), regardless of intentional or negligent However, the damage shall be compensated at your own risk and expense.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the User in connection with this Service. However, this does not apply if the damage was caused by our intention or gross negligence. In addition, even if our company is liable for damages to users due to the application of the Consumer Contract Law and other reasons, regardless of this section and other provisions excluding liability for damages of our company, our responsibility is Limited to the actual direct and normal damages caused to the user due to default or tort due to the negligence (excluding gross negligence), and the cumulative total amount of money received from the user will do.

12. About the handling of personal information

  1. Our company will handle personal information appropriately based on this agreement and "Privacy Policy".
  2. Before using this service, the user must confirm the privacy policy on this service and agree to the content before using this service.
  3. The user can only use the personal information obtained through this service within the scope of the use of this service, and will not use any other use.

13. Attribution of rights

  1. All rights including intellectual property rights related to this service belong to our company or a third party who has given permission to our company. The user uses this content and other information obtained from this service, etc. without permission of our company, without permission, reprinting, duplicating, modifying, selling, publishing, publishing, public transmission, redistribution, and other uses beyond the scope of private use. Alternatively, you must not perform any act that infringes the rights of our company or a third party who has given us permission.
  2. The user has the right to use the posted content (copying, performance, performance, screening, public transmission, public communication, dictation, exhibition, distribution, transfer, lending, regardless of whether there is a commercial purpose or other usage purpose). Includes the right to translate, adapt, and modify (to the extent deemed necessary by our company for business purposes), and the right to sublicense these to third parties. The license is granted without limitation, and we acquire such usage rights. In this case, the user also agrees not to exercise the moral rights of the author regarding the posted content for use within the above range by our company or a third party designated by our company.

14. Transition to another service

  1. When a user uses this service, this service may transition to another service operated by a third party (hereinafter referred to as "external service"). The user shall agree to this in advance, and shall use this service and external service in compliance with this agreement, individual agreement and usage agreement of external service.
  2. Users who continue to use this service after transitioning to the external service are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of the external service. The Company shall not provide any guarantee for external services and shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of external services by users and third parties.

15. General clause

  1. We will notify and contact the user regarding this service by posting it at an appropriate place on this site and other methods that we consider appropriate. When we determine that it is necessary to notify and contact individual users, we will notify the email address, address or telephone number of the member information using the messaging function, email, mail or telephone etc. We may contact you. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from missed or delayed notifications and communications from our company.

    If the user needs to notify, contact, or make an inquiry to us, he/she shall use the inquiry form of this service and may not make a phone call or visit. When we receive such contact or inquiry, we shall be able to confirm the identity of the user by the method specified by us. Regarding the response method to the inquiry, we can use the response method that we think is appropriate, and the user cannot decide the response method.

  2. The user may transfer, transfer, set collateral, lend, or otherwise dispose of the contractual position under this agreement or the rights or obligations under this agreement with respect to a third party without the prior written consent of our company. You can't.
  3. If our company transfers the business related to this service to a third party (including business transfer, company split and any other cases where this service is transferred), the terms of the User shall be set in accordance with the transfer of the business. Based on the contractual status based on this agreement, the rights and obligations based on this agreement, and the information and other information registered with the member registration, our company shall be able to transfer to the assignee of the relevant business, and the user shall I agree in advance.
  4. Even if the provisions of this agreement or any of the individual agreements or part of them are invalid under the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, the rest or part of this agreement or individual agreements are invalid The rest of the provisions determined to be valid continue to be valid, amended the invalidated clause or a part thereof to the extent necessary for it to be valid, and to the maximum extent it is invalidated. The provisions of the clause or part thereof and the legally and economically equivalent effect are to be construed.
  5. In the event of any doubts about the matters not stipulated in this agreement or the interpretation of this agreement, the user shall comply with the provisions of our company. If this does not solve the problem, our company and the user shall promptly resolve the problem after consultation in accordance with the principle of good faith.
  6. This agreement is written in Japanese. Regarding this agreement, even if a translated sentence in English is prepared for reference, only the Japanese official sentence shall have the effect as a contract, and the English translation shall have no effect.
  7. This agreement shall be interpreted based on Japanese law, and in the case of a dispute between the user and our company, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance depending on the content. I will.

2020/5/7 Established